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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Listing Your Home

Most sellers regret the timing and the pricing of their homes, and how they prepared their home before selling. Read on for the four greatest regrets, so you can hopefully make a better sale yourself this year!

  1. Pricing: The most common regret is set a different asking price. This is a tricky challenge, because if you set the price too low then you could miss out on a higher return on your investment. But if you set it too high, you could turn off buyers that are out of that price range and get less views or offers. Right now, the average time a house is on the market is around 70 days...a home that is priced right can go as quickly as 30 days. Know your timeframe, are you in a rush to move or can you sit back and wait a bit? That is where your pricing strategy comes into play.

  2. Ignoring Curb Appeal ONLINE Most people view houses online, rather than driving buy. Boosting curb appeal so that the home photographs well, is the first part in selling the home. Drone photography along with high-resolution bright images is something that can sell your home quickly, and also something we offer complimentary to each of our listings. Homeowners regret removing clutter, not cleaning off their driveways, and not sprucing up their entryway. These are some easy steps that you can take before your home gets photographed and listed online.

  3. Bad Timing: It's really difficult to know when the best time is to list your home, but 25% of recent home sellers say they wish they had chosen a different time to list. According to data, April is the best time to list your home. The weather warms up, buyers start to plan out their home renovations and get the itch to move. It's also a great time to catch the attention of buyers looking to move into a new school district for the Fall. If you want to get really specific, Thursday in late April is the best time to list.

  4. Cheap Repairs: 25% of recent home sellers say that if they would have done more work on their home, they would have gotten a higher sales price. The right projects can pay off, which is why having a knowledgeable agent can help you to make more money. Carpet cleaning, landscaping, interior paint are some of the changes that can really benefit your sales price. It also signals to buyers that you have taken care of the home and it makes them feel safe in the purchase of this big investment.

So if you're considering selling, call us today and we can discuss all of the details needed to list your home! Thank you for reading!

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