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Everyday Items People Believe Will Bring Bad Luck In Your New Home

In the spirit of October's spooky vibes, we're diving into the world of real estate and some of the various superstitions and beliefs that people hold dear. Some are entertaining and lighthearted, while some might be deal breakers for residents in your home.

In this article, we'll explore this fascinating world of ordinary items that superstitious folks refuse to keep in their home. As always, we wish your home to be a place where good luck and positivity flourish!

  1. A Broken Clock Because clocks mark the passage of time, they have long been associated with human mortality. In the Victorian era, clocks were stopped when a person in the household died, so it's not surprising that a clock that has stopped working might be superstitious. Even spookier, if that broken clock suddenly chimes, it's a sign that something is near!

  2. Lifeless Decor Whether it's a vase of shriveled flowers or taxidermized animals, things that are no longer alive in the home are said to bring bad luck. So throw out your bowl of old fruit, make sure to keep your plants alive, and get rid of anything that doesn't have fresh and alive energy!

  3. An Old Broom If you move into a new home, superstitious people say, don't bring along the broom you used in your old place. It's a common superstition worldwide that an old broom may sweep away good luck. This one has some roots in common sense, since your old cleaning tools might introduce pests and dirt from your previous home.

  4. Scenes of Destructions Some feng shui experts advise against displaying a painting or photography of a natural disaster, shipwreck, or battle. Those images might bring negative energy into the home, especially if you're looking at it every day. Get artwork that is inspiring, happy, and makes you feel at home.

Superstitions add an element of intrigue into our everyday life. Whether you're superstitious or not, remember that you new home is what you make of it! Your happiness and comfort are what truly matter. Embrace your new space, quirky superstitions and all.

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